Employer Signup



This screen captures data about the person entering the employer signup information.




1. DWS Employer Account Number (EAN)

Enter the 10 digit Employer Account Number (EAN). If you previously had a 9 digit UI Account Number place a zero (0) at the beginning and then the UI #. For example UI # 012345678 would be 0012345678.



Enter the Federal Employer Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


3. User ID

User ID Requirements: 


4. Password

Create your password. 

The password should satisfy all of the below mentioned criteria


5. Confirm Password

Re-enter (confirm) the password.


6. Security Question

Select a security question from the drop down.  This question will be posed to you when you attempt to reset your password.  Choose a question that only you will know the answer to.



Enter the answer to the Security Question you selected.  The response to the question is case sensitive.


12. Information Submitted by


a. First Name

Enter the first name of the person providing the information.


b. Middle Initial

Enter the middle initial of the person providing the information.


c. Last Name

Enter the Last name of the person providing the information.


d. Suffix

Select the suffix of the person providing the information, if applicable.


e. Phone Number

Enter the telephone number where the person providing the information can be contacted; include the telephone extension, if applicable.


f. Job Title

Enter the Job title of the person providing the information.


g. E-mail Address

Enter the e-mail address of the person providing the information.


13. Provide any one of the below additional information questions


a. The initially-assigned rate for current year

Enter the UI Tax Rate assigned for the current year as four digit number. For example .94% would be .9400; 8.72% would be 8.720; 1.22% would be 1.220.


b. The UI NAICS code

Enter the Six-digit NAICS Code provided on 2019 UI Tax Rate Notice.


c. The total of the last payment submitted

Enter the total of the last payment submitted - this is the last TOTAL payment made (UI + WC if applicable) - include decimal and no $ or comma. For Example $ 4,804.30 would be 4804.30; $ 22,821.14 would be 22821.14.




Cancel: Select Cancel only if you wish to discard all the information you have entered to this point during the signup process. Once Cancel is selected, all information is deleted and must be re-entered if you wish to begin the process again.