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1. SSN

Enter Your SSN.


2. Confirm SSN

Re-enter your SSN exactly as you typed it the first time. This helps you to avoid typing errors


3. First Name

Enter Your first name.


4. Middle Initial

Enter Your middle initial.


5. Last Name

Enter Your last name.


6. Suffix

Enter Suffix (if applicable)


7. Date of Birth

Enter Your Birth date.


8. PIN


Enter a 4 digit PIN.



If you have not been assigned / received a PIN from Department of Workforce Services, create a 4 digit PIN. If you are entering a new PIN not provided by Department of Workforce Services ,the PIN entered cannot have four same numbers or four consecutive numbers. e.g 1111,2222,3333 or 0123,1234,2345 or 9876,8765,7654 The PIN cannot contain numbers in the USERID. If USERID is ABC2139,the pin cannot be 2139.


If you have previously been assigned a PIN when filing an Unemployment Claim, enter that PIN. If you do not know your assigned PIN, please contact Unemployment Claims Center at 307-473-3789.



Select Next  to create the User ID.



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