Instructions to Enable Cookies



In order to complete and submit your application for unemployment insurance, you must have cookies enabled in your browser. To enable cookies in your browser, follow the steps as shown below for the browser you use:


Google Chrome (Version 73.0.3 or higher)

Click the "Customize and Control" button

Select the "Settings" menu item

Click show advanced settings

Select Cookies

Under "Privacy" section, click Content settings

Click on Cookies

Turn on cookies: Next to "Blocked," turn on the switch.


Mozilla Firefox (Version 66.0.3)

Click the menu button

Select content blocking

Choose Privacy & Security panel

If Standard is selected, it means that you are using the default settings for content blocking and cookies are enabled.

To enable cookies, Select Custom and clear the Cookies check mark.


Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)

Select the Tools menu

Select Internet Options

Select the Privacy tab

Choose the Default button

Choose the OK button to accept the values of the settings dialogue

Choose the OK button  to save the Internet Options settings

Choose the Refresh button on your browser